Aug 27, 2015

Willits - NOW at Densho Hall, Tokyo

Christopher Willits​' Live performance at Densho Hall, Tokyo earlier this year.

Here is NOW from his visual album OPENING -


Aug 26, 2015

Overlap Showcase - Past and Upcoming

One of the first events Overlap started was a series of music and visual performances called Overlap Showcase. Each Overlap Showcase was a combination of audiovisual installations, music performances and visual art all happening in a night.

We will have more events coming up this fall at the ENVELOP space.

Old fliers we love from 2007 by ISO50 -

Overlap Showcase / Overlap 4 FEB 24, 2007 with -

+ Ezekiel Honig (Microcosm / Anticipate)
+ Morgan Packard (Microcosm / Anticipate)
+ Tycho (ISO50 / Ghostly International)

Overlap Showcase / Overlap 5, APR 28, 2007 with -

Men Against Mountains (Nate Boyce + Christopher Willits + Wobbly)
Nate Boyce + Wobbly (duo)
Shitzkrieg DJ
Pad McLaughlin – ambient visuals
Deer Fang – panda express video installation


Aug 25, 2015

Listen - GOLD

GOLD is an ambient piece and a sound bath created for you to listen, relax and recharge.
We would love to know how you use this sound and how you feel with it.

You can let us know through our Facebook (/, Twitter (@overlap_org), or Instagram (@overlap_org).


Aug 24, 2015

Overlap Studio - Sunday Night

Over this summer and fall, Overlap has been upgrading the space and gear at the Overlap Studio. The upgrading gives us new tools and more possibilities for new ideas and projects. We are excited to share with you all.

A jamming session between Christopher and Ryan in the Studio on Sunday night -


Aug 20, 2015

Overlap Studio - Mastering with Tycho

We had Scott Hansen (Tycho) in the Overlap Studio the other night working on some new ideas and mastering a new remix project.

Christopher playing bass (center) while Scott adjusting the SSL EQ and Neve tape saturators (left) and Ryan tuning the EQ with Massive Passive (right).


Aug 19, 2015

ENVELOP Update - Speaker Moving Day

Here is a recent update from ENVELOP -

The construction on the building and the ENVELOP room is still in progress. In the meantime, the team just moved 28 L-Acoustics speakers and 4 subs to a storage space nearby before installation start.