Overlap Education Details and Disclaimer


  • The Dojo - 3435 Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco, CA
  • Overlap Studio - 1501 37th Ave., Oakland, CA
  • Google Hangout - specific link will be sent to students 5 min prior to the start of a workshop

Notice: Directions and instructions to workshops location or Google Hangout info will be sent before the workshop.

Refund Policy

  • 24 HR Cancellation Policy - Refunds are granted 24 hours in advance

Refunds are not granted less than 24 hours before a class

Privacy Policy

  • All student information will not be shared with a third party
  • Students will be informed by related Overlap activities

Hardware and software suggested requirements:

Sound and Music Production Workshops

  • Laptop and a pair of headphones
  • For Ableton Live related workshops, students may acquire - Ableton Live (buy or download the 30-day demo)

Notice: If you don’t have Ableton Live, you can get a 40% discount after signing-up for one or more of our classes -
- Link here: Educational Discount Download of Ableton Live
- Link here: Education Verification of Ableton Live

Email Ableton Live the receipt of your order to get the 40% educational discount

  • For ProTools related workshops, you may acquire - ProTools (buy or download the trial version)
  • For Max related workshops, you may acquire - Max (buy or download the 30-day demo)

Photography and Video Production Workshops

  • Laptop
  • A pair of headphones for video production workshops
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for photography workshops
  • Adobe Premiere Pro for video production workshops

Wellness Workshops

  • Specific requirements will be sent to students prior to workshops

Education disclaimer

Diversity and opportunity

It is the policy of Overlap Education to actively support equality of educational opportunity. No person shall be denied admission to any educational program or activity or be denied employment on the basis of any legally prohibited discrimination involving, but not limited to, such factors as race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability. 

Overlap is committed to the maintenance of affirmative action programs that will ensure the continuation of such equality of opportunity. 

Requests for information about services for Overlap education students with disabilities or who have special needs, as well as related questions or requests for special assistance, can be directed to info@overlap.org

Student admission and enrollment

Overlap Education reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant, to discontinue the enrollment of any student whose personal actions are detrimental to Overlap of the Overlap community or are in violation of any applicable law or code of conduct, and to require the withdrawal of a student whose continuance in a class would be detrimental to himself or herself or to others.

Student registration

Overlap Education course registration is the official recognition of a student’s relationship with Overlap Education and is the basic authorization for a student’s access to Overlap, its education and services. 

Overlap Education assumes no legal responsibilities for persons who participate as students in the learning environment. 

Unauthorized, unregistered persons who use Overlap Education services and attend classes have the potential to displace properly registered students, use Overlap Education resources inappropriately, and jeopardize the security of Overlap Education. Overlap Education reserves the right to prohibit unregistered persons from attending classes and to require such persons to leave the University environment.

Overlap Courses and Workshops

The programs, courses and curricula described on this website and the teaching personnel and dates listed herein are subject to change at any time by official action of Overlap Education.

The rules and regulations stated on this website are for information only and in no way constitute a contract between the student and Overlap Education. Overlap Education reserves the right to change any regulation or requirement at any time.

Failure to read this website does not excuse students from the rules and procedures described herein. Personal factors, illness, or contradictory advice from any source are not acceptable grounds for seeking exemption from these rules and procedures.

Image release

Overlap Education often records or photographs activities in public and non-public areas, such as classrooms, for use in a variety of media. When you register with the Overlap Education you grant permission to record or photograph you in non-public areas and use your likeness, image, and/or voice in promotional, informational, or other materials. If you wish to decline please state to your instructor or let Overlap Education know at info@overlap.org