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Overlap Studio is a mixing and mastering studio in Oakland, California, run by Christopher Willits and Ryan Kleeman.
The studio features top-tier analog summing and outboard mastering gear, D/A converters, and stereo or 4 channel monitoring.


Universal Audio A/D|D/A Conversion
Neve 8816/8804 Summing Mixer: Classic Neve Transformer Mixing Topology
Manley Massive Passive Equalizer: 4-Band Stereo Tube Equalizer
Manley Slam
Neve Master Buss Processor: 2-Channel Compressor with Sum and Difference Matrixing
Neve Tape Emulator
Neve Inductor EQ
Neve Mic Pre + Silk
SSL Solid State Logic G Comp
SSL Solid State Logic EQ
Dorrough Meters (280-D): Digital Full Scale Metering.
Yamaha NS-10M
DynAudio BM6A Mki
TASCAM 38 Tape Machine