Jul 3, 2015

Birdwatcher - Juan Pablo

A short interview by BBC News about one of the best birdwatchers in South America, Juan Pablo, who has been blind since birth. Watch the video here -


Jul 1, 2015

Mike O'Hara - Photography

Mike O'hara's photos on wall of LO/CAL cafe in Santa Monia, CA.

More of his work here or on instagram @mikeohara


Jun 29, 2015

Irene Chou - Sound Horizons

Check out Overlap collaborator, Irene Chou's most recent project exhibited at the 2015 CCA MFA Design thesis show -

Sound Horizons: Designing for Perspective, Connection, and Reflection

From Irene -

"What role and potential does sound have in design? In my work, I explore how sound can be used as a metaphor to drive design decisions, as well as a tool within the designed.  My intention is to create experiences that ultimately remind us of what it means to be human."

Project - Static bodies

"This project is a system comprised of a pair of headphones I hacked into and an audio splitter I made with custom circuitry. The two headphone wearers must be physically touching in order for sound to come through."

Project - Quietest feeling

"I was inspired by the idea of silence, which is often more associated with a mood or feeling, rather than the absence of sound. Using bone transducers and pulse sensors, I created a pair of lollipops that collect the rate of a person's heartbeat and plays it back to the person through the teeth."

Pojrect - Awake

"Awake is an object that uses sound as a way to disrupt automatic, habitual behavior. The system is comprised of a Tibetan singing bowl, which is traditionally used in Buddhist cultures to invite awareness back to the present moment. when activated, the bowl spins against a wooden striker, creating a meditative hum. The DC motor upon which the bowl rest can be controlled by a variety of inputs such as time, number of emails, or prolonged periods of sustained scrolling."

Find out more about Irene and her design work at- irenechou.com

Project - Static bodies

Project - Quietest feeling

Pojrect - Awake


Jun 24, 2015

Oskar Zapirain - Foggy Forest Photography

Photographer Oskar Zapirain captures the unique foggy forest in Northern Spain.

A featuring article from Colossal here.


Jun 22, 2015

Recap - Ableton Live Demo at Art Institute

Ableton partnered with Art Institute San Francisco last week for an event having Erin Barra and Christopher Willits showing Ableton Live demos, performances, and Q&As.

Photo from the event -


Jun 19, 2015

Overlap Studio - w/ Taya Shere

Photo recap of a recent mastering session with Taya Shere at Overlap Studio.

Taya Shere is an aritst, musician, writer, teacher based in Oakalnd, CA. From Taya -
"I'm into embodiment and the ever-evolving play between living deeply in the present moment and cultivating our dreams."

For booking, contact studio@overlap.org


Jun 15, 2015

Overlap Education - Jun 20th + 21st - Oakland, CA

Overlap Education is having back to back workshops this weekend at Overlap Studio in Oakland -

 Saturday, Jun 20th, 2015

Advanced Ableton Live w/ Christopher Willits

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Sunday, Jun 21st, 2015

Acoustics + Home Studio Treatment w/ Ryan Kleeman

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Both classes are from noon to 4 PM. We hope to see you there.