Apr 18, 2014

Willits and Kleeman Mastering at Overlap Studio

Christopher Willits has been working on his new album with Ryan Kleeman at the brand new Overlap Studio. Here is an image of Ryan mastering the works -


Apr 16, 2014

4.13.14 SOUND MEDICINE - Recap

Thank you for coming to our event Sound Medicine!  It was an amazing experience connecting with each other and sharing our love of sound.  Below you can find our schedule of workshops that were introduced -
Saturday, May 24th:  The Creative Process with Christopher Willits @ Overlap Studio
Sunday, June 1st Listening to Nature with Ryan Kleeman @ The Voice Loft
Saturday, July 19th:  The Voices of the Voice with Silvia Nakkach The Voice Loft

Please save the date, and we'll share more details soon.
Here are some photos from the evening -


Apr 14, 2014

CIRCA 1983 - Photography

Circa 1983 is the photography of Owen Perry from British Columbia. His photo series is recently featured from AisleOne. We love his work and you can find more here at Instagram @circa_1983.

Owen Perry and Christopher Willits have also done photo collaborations. Here are some of the images they've shared -

Willits's shot processed by Circa 1983

Circa 1983's shot processed by Willits


Apr 11, 2014

Sound Medicine

Sound Medicine workshop and concert series

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

4 - 8 PM

@ The Voice Loft



Apr 9, 2014

3.30.14 SUNIGHT - Recap

Overlap and Public Works have begun an ongoing Sunday night event SUNIGHT. The first of which happened March 30th, 2014. Thanks to everyone who joined us, it was a really big deal to have that many people at a Sunday night event like this. It was such a great time to connect with all of you!

The next SUNIGHT is set for May 25th. More details to come soon. We look forward to seeing you all again.

Here is a very cool review and recap of SUNIGHT that the SF Weekly wrote and some photos from the first SUNIGHT.

Willits performing some new work

images of Willits's performance taken by Myoung Kang

people sitting in the 8 channel immersive audio system

Manitous in the house!

Snuise jamming on stage


Apr 7, 2014

SOUND MEDICINE Workshop - Sunday, Apr 13th, 2014

Sound Medicine Workshop is on this Sunday, April 13th at The Voice Loft (4053 Harlan St, #202, Emeryville, CA). This workshop and concert series is open to all ages with or without music background. Come join us!


Download the information for the three workshop sessions with Christopher Willits, Ryan Kleeman, and Silvia Nakkach here - 20140405_sound-medicine_guide.pdf


Apr 4, 2014

SF Weekly's Lost in the Night - SUNIGHT

Thanks to Derek Opperman from SF Weekly for writing this article on 3.30.14 SUNIGHT - "Sunight's Surround Sound Experiment Recalls the Chill-Out Rooms of Yesteryear."

Quoting from the article -

The party was a total sensory experience that saw the loft transformed into a kind of media womb. Terrarium bulb lights hung from the ceiling in loosely grouped arrangements; sheer curtains dangled between the bar and the music; and an aromatherapy station pumped the air with essential oil mixtures. "Public Works smells better than most, but it still has that bleach in the air. With these oils, you almost just get into an altered state off the scent," said one of the evening's promoters. It was an unusual, but oddly welcome touch: smell has got to be one of the most neglected parts of the nightclub experience. Memories of Friday night, which I spent dancing to DJ Harvey behind someone who'd clearly had too much Mexican food for dinner, had me thankful for this more gentle approach. I watched someone pour tea from a low table. The girl working the aromatherapy station said, "If you like one, just rub a few drops in your hands like this, and then smell it for 30 seconds -- this one's for mood and relaxation."

But scents and teas were not the main attraction on Sunday. Instead it was the Ambisonic sound system, which materialized in the form of eight speakers ringing what is normally the dance area. The room was packed, with people lounging across the floor on pillows and cushions. They sat with their eyes closed, listening to rippling washes of delay and the occasional kick drum float through the air with a newfound sense of spatial dimension. Rhythmic patterns emerged, with bits of each drum hit coming from different corners.

Read the full peice here.