May 27, 2015

Buckminster Fuller - Montreal Biosphère / The Dymaxion House

Gizmodo recently did a in-depth report for details on Buckminster Fuller's FBI file (full article here), which leads us to review and get inspired again by Bucky Fuller's designs and drawings.

Some of the designs mentioned in the article -

Montreal Biosphère (1967)
U.S. Pavilion for World Fair Expo 67
(Images from ArchDaily)


The Dymaxion House (1920)
(Images from ArchDaily)



May 20, 2015

Soundwave 7 Launch Party - June 5, 2015 - Obscura Digital

The 7th Season of the Soundwave Festival launch party is coming up on Friday, June 5th in San Francisco.

The event starts 7:30 pm at Obscura Digital with various performances.

Artists include -
Christopher Willits, Azael Ferrer Gordo, Elia Vargas, and Nathan Blaz, and a DJ set by Ash Williams


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May 18, 2015

Overlap Education - Voice Recording Techniques - May 23, 2015

This Saturday on May 23, Overlap Education is haiving a workshop on Voice Recording Techniques at Overlap Studio in Oakland, CA.

Ryan will cover topics from optimizing voice recordings, using various ways to record voice, achieving good gain structure, to editing and processing the recording voice.

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May 15, 2015

Loscil - loscil__>

Vancouver based composer / artist Loscil performed a set at Further Future early May in the desert. Here is one of his playlists to listen -

(photo of the performing stage at Further Future)


"Scott Morgan is a composer, sound designer and multimedia artist living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Morgan’s dual background in Vancouver’s independent music scene and academic composition studies at Simon Fraser University culminated in the creation of his loscil project in the late 1990’s.  With loscil, Morgan explores the marriage of electronic and acoustic instrumentation to create “…stark landscapes that are evocative, earthly, anything but abstract, and so much more than merely ‘ambient’.” (The Quietus, UK).  Morgan has predominantly released music through Portland’s Kranky label including his 7th full length, 2014’s Sea Island.  He has composed for film, dance and video games and has toured his music worldwide including at esteemed festivals such as Mutek, Decibel and Big Ears."


May 14, 2015

Overlap Workshop - Mixing with Ableton Live

This Saturday (May 16)- Mixing with Ableton Live w/ Christopher Willits at Overlap Studio.

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May 13, 2015

Remix Project - CLEAR on

Christopher Willits released another remix project on OPENING track 2 CLEAR via his subscription service at Members can download the stems of CLEAR and create remixes that will later be mixed and mastered by Christopher at Overlap Studio.

The deadline for submission is July 10th, 2015.

You can sign up the membership at

Project Description by Christopher Willits -

"The time is ripe for another remix project here in Drip. Here are all of the sound layers of the track CLEAR from my album/film OPENING. Each track of the release is a layer of the final composition that I created. Download these tracks / layers as a .WAV files.


If you are a producer, or emerging producer here in Drip, try making your own remix of this track. You have until July 10th at 11:59pm PST to complete your remix. You can do ANYTHING that you want. You can add any of your own sounds and recordings if you wish. Let your creativity open and follow your heart. No one here is judging how good you are or trying to make this a competition. I am sharing this work because I have grown and learned so much from it, and I hope that you can create your own experience of the sound and learn from it as well.


On July 10th before 11:59PM PST please turn in your remix as a link in the Drip Forum. Your remix needs to be exported as a .WAV file and 44.1khz / 16bit. I will download your remix from a link you supply in the Willits Drip Community Post. Use WeTransfer or a public Dropbox link so I can easily download your final remix.

If you are not a producer, no worries! I am going to release all of the remixes here in Drip, sharing more creative music from the community we're building here.


All remixes will be released in my Drip sometime after July 10th. In addition, I'm going to select my 3 favorite remixes, master them myself (finalize the amplitude level, EQ, compression), and Ghostly International and I will promote and release these pieces to the general public outside of Drip. It is my hope that this remix project not only gives you a creative problem to solve, but also provide the potential for you to expose your work to a larger audience.

Let me know in a comment to this post if you have any questions!

Legal- Each stem of CLEAR is it's own composition published by Overlap Music (ASCAP) with a Creative Commons BY-NC license. This content is to be used only non-commercially and only for this particular remix project. The sharing of these stems is not an agreement or license for use or release outside of this remix project in"