Mar 2, 2015

Photo Recap - Tycho + Willits - O East Shibuya

Photos from Tycho + Willits show at O East in Shibuya, Japan this past January, 2015.


Feb 27, 2015

PUBLIC WORKS + OVERLAP Present - Apr 3, 2015 - San Francisco

Bay Area, we have an event coming up on April 3rd - "Kaki King - The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body & Afterparty"


Public Woks & Overlap Present:

Kaki King - The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body + After Party

Friday Apr 3, 2015

8:00 PM

+21 and over

$17 - $25

Full details TBA


Feb 25, 2015

RBMA RADIO San Francisco

A custom pop-up radio station is built at Dijital Fix in San Francisco to host a series of live broadcast for Red Bull Music Academy Radio. RBMA Radio San Francisco is running each day from Feb 25 to Mar 11 with guests at the shows for discussions, interviews and live sets.

To find out the list of guests and more info here.

Image of the pop-up radio station being built from Dijital Fix


Feb 23, 2015

Acoustic Cloaking

Researchers at Duke University have recently developed the first 3D acoustic cloaking device. Resembling an ancient Mayan Pyramid, the design of this device is based on coordinate transformations, and when placed in contact with propagating sound waves, the object becomes invisible to sound. The sound waves move through the object as if the object wasn’t even there. Amazing.

More details here.

Post by Ryan


Feb 20, 2015

Overlap Studio Updates

Christopher Willits recently released a video on audio mastering at his subscription service ( filmed and done at Overlap Studio.

We have installed a few more new equipments at the studio and there are already several projects being mixed and mastered with these new tools since this year.

To learn more about Overlap Stuido and what we do at


Feb 16, 2015

Craig Colorusso - Sun Boxes

Sun Boxes is a sound installation by Craig Colorusso, an artist whose work has been focused on sound, light, and sculpture. Sun Boxes is a project contains twenty solar-powered speakers placing on various locations and playing different guitar notes. Collectively, these speakers produce a Bb chord.
Here is a teaser of the film INSTALL, made by Kevin Belli, about Craig Colorusso and his installations, including Sun Boxes.



Feb 12, 2015

ENVELOP Progress

We've been incredibly busy since the new year began. We are working on a new website and putting a bunch of time, love and energy into the ENVELOP project. ENVELOP is an immersive media space soon located in the Dog Patch in SF. Overlap is going to be very active in this space hosting intimate performances, parties and educational workshops.

Construction on the first ENVELOP speaker column was recently begun by fabricator Arthur Wilinski
Here is a photo of the construction in progress. Eight of these columns will surround the audience, each column housing three L-Acoustic 12in speakers. The completed system will be a 28.4 ambisonic sound system, driven by ENVELOP's open source software, with interactive LEDs and video.

Sign-up to the ENVELOP mailing list (bottom of page) to get updates about the project as it grows.