May 13, 2013

Still one of our favorite Overlap Albums. Released October 2009 and curated by our friend
Jeff Owens at Ghostly International.

More music on the way later this year.

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Feb 27, 2013

Radere - Dreamless

Carl Ritger's project Radere is a welcome addition to all of the artists that have worked with Overlap. Performing at one of our sponsored shows in Oakland last summer, we were lucky enough to hear a preview of what has become his latest full length, Dreamless. Since that performance, he's honed the material and shaped it into five tracks of distorted loops that feel like hazy memories. Dreamless covers a lot of ground, from oscillators + feedback to cavernous vocals, moving beyond "drone" and into more compositional territory. Dreamless is definitely worth checking out, you can stream it in full here

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