May 13, 2013

Still one of our favorite Overlap Albums. Released October 2009 and curated by our friend
Jeff Owens at Ghostly International.

More music on the way later this year.

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Apr 22, 2013

Overlap + Ableton + Public Works Event Recap in Photos

More photos from our event with Ableton on April 4th at Public Works.
Shots by Tomo Saito.

Christopher Willits performing.

Joe Mousepad introducing Lenny Kiser.

Joe Mousepad jamming with Mophono.

Neal Riley giving a workshop.

The upstairs demo / workshop room getting ready for Cullen Miller.

Ganucheau performing.

Lenny Kiser introducing Ableton Push to the audience.

Peter Nyboer performing and demonstrating his music.

Joe Mousepad MC of the evening

Social Print Studio setup live printing for images on Instagram with the #overlapsf hashtag.

Alingo Loh and Christopher Willits hanging out at the Overlap table.

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Feb 22, 2013

BeoLab 5 Transmission System

For the audio tech lovers, check this out-
The BeoLab 5 transmission system is the next level of sonic clarity. Utilizing Bang and Olufsen loudspeakers, acoustic lens technology, and adaptive bass control, this design incorporates two acoustic lenses for its upper-frequency drivers, that act as a waveguide, greatly expanding the loudspeaker's horizontal dispersion. The result is a wider perception of sound and insanely accurate reproduction of high frequency harmonics and overtones than typical loudspeakers. A DSP chip offers an adaptive bass control system that listens and analyzes the sound and dimensions of your room and will tailor the output signals accordingly. Uh, wow.

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