May 13, 2013

Still one of our favorite Overlap Albums. Released October 2009 and curated by our friend
Jeff Owens at Ghostly International.

More music on the way later this year.

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Apr 22, 2013

Overlap + Ableton + Public Works Event Recap in Photos

More photos from our event with Ableton on April 4th at Public Works.
Shots by Tomo Saito.

Christopher Willits performing.

Joe Mousepad introducing Lenny Kiser.

Joe Mousepad jamming with Mophono.

Neal Riley giving a workshop.

The upstairs demo / workshop room getting ready for Cullen Miller.

Ganucheau performing.

Lenny Kiser introducing Ableton Push to the audience.

Peter Nyboer performing and demonstrating his music.

Joe Mousepad MC of the evening

Social Print Studio setup live printing for images on Instagram with the #overlapsf hashtag.

Alingo Loh and Christopher Willits hanging out at the Overlap table.

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Feb 27, 2013

Radere - Dreamless

Carl Ritger's project Radere is a welcome addition to all of the artists that have worked with Overlap. Performing at one of our sponsored shows in Oakland last summer, we were lucky enough to hear a preview of what has become his latest full length, Dreamless. Since that performance, he's honed the material and shaped it into five tracks of distorted loops that feel like hazy memories. Dreamless covers a lot of ground, from oscillators + feedback to cavernous vocals, moving beyond "drone" and into more compositional territory. Dreamless is definitely worth checking out, you can stream it in full here

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Feb 19, 2013

Introducing Andrew Weathers

Andrew Weathers is a composer & improviser based in Oakland, CA where he attends Mills College. His current work is focused on fusing the American South with contemporary artistic practice. He tours often, plays in a variety of bands and runs Full Spectrum Records.

Andrew works on a variety of things with Overlap ranging from music curation and release details to event organization.

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Feb 21, 2013

Thilo Frank - The Phoenix is Closer Than it Appears

Cool installation by German artist Thilo Frank. The space is a 4x4x8 meter mirrored room with a swing. "It creates a disorientating moment where the surrounding room translates a physical reflection, translating the viewer's body into an imaginary reflection".

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Jan 8, 2013

Solicce - Moonsailing

Beautiful new work from Solicce. Tom, Solicce says:

I'd like to tell stories with sound. I love when music is bare and intimate. I gravitate towards acoustic sounds... I sample my voice, the ocean, cars, birds, piano, accordion, and everything in between and then create compostions that just feel good to me.

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Nov 8, 2012

New Overlap Tees

The first Overlap tee ever created is now available in medium and small sizes in the new Overlap store.

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Aug 29, 2012

Overlap launches CREATE with Christopher Willits

Christopher Willits just began a new video series with Overlap called CREATE. It's about Willits' creative process behind his music and art, and we'll also be looking at the work and flow of other Overlap artists. The first episode takes us behind the scenes of Willits + Sakamoto's new album "Ancient Future" and it's conclusive track "Completion". "Ancient Future" is now available on CD, vinyl and high-quality digital -

CREATE was featured by XLR8R here.

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