Sep 30, 2015

Subconscious Attractions Strategies - by Boyce + Matmos + Willits

Listen to Overlap release - Subconscious Attractions Strategies by Boyce + Matmos + Willits -

Nate Boyce - Synthesizers 
Drew Daniel - Synthesizers, Computer 
MC Schmidt - Things that make sound, Voice, Mics 
Christopher Willits - Guitar + Computer 

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Willits.


Sep 28, 2015

Lunar Eclipse


Sep 22, 2015

Overlap Release - 'Forms' by The Maidu

Released in October, 2012, The Maidu is the project of producer and bassist Clifford Hudson based out of San Francisco, CA. His sound is influenced by music from all eras and genre, from obscure electronic and experimental music, to classic funk breaks and hip hop. Hudson fuses live electronics and intricately mined samples into fluid whole, as if the sounds had always lived together. Clear narrative form transforms into abstract electronic textures; synth bleeps and textural washes evolve over deep, solid grooves with undeniable force. Forms is is the Maidu's first offering, an overlap of spaced out ambient mind-melts and solid breakbeat gold. Forms a bold statement from a young producer just beginning to express his gifts.


Sep 21, 2015

Recap - Tycho at TBD Fest 2015

Photos of TYCHO's set at TBD Fest, Sacramento the past Saturday 9/19 -


Sep 18, 2015

Recap - Willits +・Meetup

Last Saturday, organized a meetup with Christopher Willits' Drip members of the Bay Area. The event took place in the afternoon at Dolores Park, SF. The meeetup became a dance party as the sun went down, with best buds Scott Hansen (of Tycho) and Christopher.

For $5 a month Willits' Drip members are VIPs to all of his events and given new creative content weekly. Everything from new music, behind-the-scenes videos, photography, production tutorials, archival releases, and much more are shared weekly with members.


Sep 17, 2015

Ambisonic Intro

"Visual representation of the ambisonic B-format components for the first and second order."

"Polar patterns of basic decoder and in-phase decoder for a source encoded at 0 degree and for increasing Ambisonic order."

More info here.

Graphics by ENVELOP