Dec 18, 2014

Christopher Willits - Densho Hall, Shibuya TOKYO - Jan 26th, 2015

Christopher Willits is performing at Densho Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, on January 26th. The two-set solo show includes a live performance of his most recent work OPENING. This will be the Japan premiere of OPENING.

TICKETS here -


Dec 17, 2014


This shared google map shows all the screenings of Christopher Willits' OPENING around the world. Everyone is welcomed to host a screening and drop a pin on the map. By the end of the year, Christopher will randomly select a location to perform a personal concert there. 

All the details, including the film to share, and the map to drop your location/pin is at-


Dec 10, 2014

57th Grammy Award Nomination

Overlap Studio is thrilled to announce that "In Love and Longing" by Silvia Nakkach & David Darling has been nominated for a Grammy Award at the 57th. One of the studio's first projects, the record was mixed and mastered by Ryan Kleeman, with guitar by Christopher Willits and produced by Christopher Eickmann. It was such an amazing, collaborative experience working on this record, and we're so honored to have been a part of the process. Check out the sounds here.


Dec 8, 2014

Christopher Willits - Montana Remix

Tycho - Montana Remix by Christopher Willits is out today.
Mixed and mastered at Overlap Studio with Ryan Kleeman.



This Weekend - Overlap Education - Intro Audio Workshops

Overlap Education is offering two intro audio workshops this coming weekend on Dec 13th and 14th. Students who are enrolled in the classes will work closely with the instructors Ryan Kleeman and/or Christopher Willits at Overlap Studio in Oakland.

Eventbrite - Intro Workshops - ProTools + Ableton Live

And below are the details for two workshops -

Saturday, December 13th, 2014 | 12 - 4 PM
Intro to ProTools with Ryan Kleeman

Sunday, December 14th, 2014 | 12 - 4 PM
Intro to Ableton Live with Christopher Willits

Overlap Studio in Oakland, CA

Both workshops - $200.00
Each workshop - $120.00


Dec 4, 2014

Recap - 11.30.14 SUNIGHT

Thank you for coming to the last SUNIGHT of 2014 and supporting ENVELOP by showing up on Sunday Nov 30th. It was such a great time with all of you at Public Works! Photos recap for the night below.

And stay connected with Overlap and ENVELOP for news about events and space we want to share and create with everyone. Overlap Education's Intro audio workshops are coming up next weekend on Dec 13th and 14th at Overlap Studio in Oakland. Enroll the workshops here.

Christopher Willits performing.

Wobbly on stage!

Marisol and her plant tonic station.

Manitous DJ set.


Dec 3, 2014

Overlap Studio

Overlap is offering mixing and mastering services for music, film and more. Contact us if you want to work together.

Photo here from this week, Christopher Willits and Ryan Kleeman mastering a Tycho remix.