Jul 16, 2014

7.27.14 SUNIGHT - Manitous

Manitous will be DJing at 7.27.14 SUNIGHT!

SUNIGHT is a series of Sunday night events for fun and relaxing listening time.
It features new ambient music in multiple channels of immersive audio.
With 8 speakers surround the audience, many pillows for seats, special drinks, teas, flower essences fill the air, it is also a time and place for old friends come together, new friends meet, and everyone recharges.



Jul 14, 2014

7.27.14 SUNIGHT - Snuise

Oakland based electronic producer Snuise is playing on 7.27.14 SUNIGHT!


"Snuise works in the realm of beat-based electronic music, but eschews its tropes for something more vital."

Here is Snuise's Raye -


Jul 11, 2014

7.27.14 SUNIGHT - Andrew Weathers

Andrew Weathers is performing on 7.27.14 SUNIGHT!


Andrew Weathers, originally from North Carolina, is a composer and improviser currently live in Oakland, CA. His music often takes elements from folk, experimental, and punk traditions.

He has collaborated with various artists including Christopher Willits and is also a part of Overlap crew.

Here's an excerpt from Andrew's piece from a split release with Wes Tirey -


Jul 9, 2014

Overlap Education - Intro to Meditation - July 13th at Bernal Hill San Francisco - FREE

A free class on Intro to Meditation teaching by Christopher Willits this Sunday at Bernal Hill in San Francisco.

The class is about meditation in the sense that Christopher Willits described as - "a devoted time to be present, neutralize, and connect to the earth and cosmos."

Free of any religious practices and free of charge.

6 - 7 pm

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Southwest slope of Bernal Hill, San Francisco



Jul 8, 2014

Overlap Education - Ableton Live 2 - July 12th at Overlap Studio

This Saturday from 12 - 4 pm, we are offering the class Ableton Live 2 with Christopher Willits at Overlap Studio in Oakland.

Ableton Live 2 is building from the class Ableton Live 1. We go deeper into this amazing tool, with lessons on beat making, mixing, synthesis, warping and tempo adjustments, as well as controlling Live in a performance setting with control surfaces like Ableton Push.

Eventbrite - Ableton Live 2 with Christopher Willits


Jul 7, 2014

7.27.14 SUNIGHT - Spaceghost

On July 27th, we will have Oakland based artist Spaceghost to perform for the night at SUNIGHT.


More info about the 7.27.14 SUNIGHT here.


Jul 4, 2014


This week Christopher Willits shared a track CLEAR from his upcoming album OPENING at Drip.FM/willits, the subscription service which the artist shares his work with all members.

More info about OPENING or the subscription membership here.