Mar 14, 2014

Anechoic Chamber

Anechoic Chambers are intriguing acoustical spaces where "you become the sound".  Often built for extremely controlled testing purposes, these spaces can absorb up to 99.99% of sound energy, creating an environment of negative sound pressure levels.  This leaves the only sound in the space coming from your body.  You can begin to hear your nervous system, lungs, and heart beat.  The absence of typical environmental cues like ambient noise and room reflections can lead to hallucinations and an overwhelming awareness of the energy inside your body.

Post by Ryan

Video link to world's quietest room - 

Minneapolis's Orfield Laboratory of Anechoic Chamber


Mar 12, 2014

EN - Maxwell August Croy + James Devane

EN is the duo of San Francisco based multi-instrumentalists James Devane and Maxwell August Croy (who co-runs the Root Strata label). The pair utilize a wide range of instrumentation - notably koto, guitar, organ and percussion, among other devices - to explore layered systems of synchronization (with oft rhythmic implications), melody and texture. Their music has seen release on labels such as Root StrataStudents of Decay and Constellation Tatsu. " - from


Mar 10, 2014

SUNIGHT Postcards

It's three weeks out for the event - SUNIGHT, coming up end of this month on March 30th! Invite your best friends to come meet up with everyone.

The SUNIGHT postcards are being placed around the Bay Area at various cafes, record stores, shops, etc. Please let us know if you can help us spread the word around SF.


Mar 7, 2014

Simon Page - IYA 2009 Posters

Simon Page, UK based graphic designer, creates the series of poster for the International Year of Astronomy 2009. The design is inspired by the feel of the 60s and 70s astronomy books and results with this retro texture and vibe.

View more images here.


Mar 5, 2014


"Matthew McQueen, better known by his stage name Matthewdavid, is an American record producer from AtlantaGeorgia. He is based in Los Angeles,California. He is a co-founder of Leaving Records. He has collaborated with Dog Bite, Sun Araw, and Serengeti."

- wikipedia


Mar 3, 2014

United Visual Artists - Momentum

A new installation by UVA currently on exhibit at the Barbican in London reimagines our relationship of time, space, and perception of physics.  Adrift in choreography of light, sound and movement, the visitors’ relationship to ground, air, horizontal and vertical are shifted and blinded to a relative handle as a steel and aluminum pendulum dances with each audience member; distorting their understanding of the built environment.  

The amalgamation of multiple disciplines such as architecture, computing, engineering and performance; the installation is both provocative and sensual – consistent with UVA’s previous work. 

More information about the installation here.

- Post by Myoung


Feb 28, 2014

Growing Underground - Hydroponic Farm in Tunnel

Two British entrepreneurs Richard Ballard and Steven Dring create a project "Growing Underground", in which they construct a hydroponic farm system inside the London Underground's Northern Line.

Get the full story in this article from here.