Jun 18, 2014

Paul Prudence - Sphaerae.Acoustic.Study

This video is a real-time audio visual performance created by Paul Prudence at Ars Electronica in 2013. The work is a part of Prudence's ongoing project Hydro Acoustic Study.

See more images from the featuring article at Triangulation.jp here.

Sphaerae.Acoustic.Study [fragment] from Paul Prudence on Vimeo.


Jun 16, 2014

Doug Aitken - Sonic Pavilion

Multimedia American artist Doug Aitken created Sonic Pavilion in 2009 - a space and an experience that brings architecture and sound together in a holistic way. Sonic Pavilion consists of a cylindrical empty room amplifying the sound of earth that is captured by microphones installed 200 meter underneath the room. The cavity of the circular pavilion creates a space for continuous reverberation and a unique immersive experience.

A descriptive explanation of the project can be found here at inholtim.org.


Jun 13, 2014

Bryan Olson - Images

North Carolina based artist Bryan Olson creates collages and images that play with cosmic entities, creating unique visions. 

Redefinemag.com did an interview with the artist last year.


Jun 11, 2014

Christopher Willits + Heathered Pearls + The Sight Below - Collider

Christopher WillitsHeathered Pearls, and The Sight Below from Ghostly International recently released a song together using a new tool Splice -

Here is an interview article which the three artists talked about this collaboration.


Jun 9, 2014

6/14 Saturday - Intro to Field Recordings with Ryan Kleeman

This Saturday 6/14, Ryan Kleeman will take us to a deep journey into the sound of nature in the Overlap Education class - Listening to Nature Part 1: Intro to Field Recordings.

Students will explore Redwood Regional Park in Oakland and have hands-on experiences to capture the surrounding sounds.

Eventbrite - Listening to Nature Part 1: Introduction to Field Recording with Ryan Kleeman


Jun 6, 2014

5.25.14 SUNIGHT - Recap

Thank you for coming to the 2nd SUNIGHT on May 25th. What a great time with all of you. Here are some photos from the event -

We hope to see you again on the next SUNIGHT in July! More details coming up soon.

Dj Manitous got people cozy on the pillows.

Big Phone on the stage!

Dj Manitous on the stage!

Christopher Willits' immersive set.

Willits on the stage!

More of Big Phone jamming.

Marisol preparing her tasty and speical tonics!

Beautiful lamp made by Irene creating a great feel for the night.

A wonderful vibe creating by all of you who came to hang out with us.


Jun 4, 2014

Christopher Willits - June 5th, 2014 - Milllennium Park, Chicago

Christopher Willits is performing at the Millennium Park in Chicago this Thursday 6/5 for the event Loops and Variations

Show starts at 6:30 pm at Jay Pritzker Pavilion inside the park. Free admission.

Detail info here