Sep 2, 2014


Christopher Willits' album / film project OPENING is out now.

You can watch the entire film online now at -

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Project site -
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Sep 1, 2014

Tomorrow 9/2 - The Release of WILLITS-OPENING

Get ready for Christopher Willits' release of new album / film - OPENING.

On Tuesday morning, Sept 2, everyone can watch the full video OPENING at

All info about OPENING at -

Pre-Order OPENING here

OPENING Release Party at The Independent SF this Saturday Sept 6, tickets here


Aug 29, 2014

Daniel Temkin - Glitchometry

Artist and programmer, Daniel Temkin, creates images based on the nature of digital errors, resulting an optically illusional effects. Here are a few selected from the series Glitchometry -



Aug 27, 2014

Listening to OPENING - FACT Magazine is streaming Christopher Willits' upcoming project OPENING. The release day for the album/film OPENING is coming up on Tuesday 9/2 next week. Pre-order of the CDs/LPs/mp3 is available at Ghostly Store.

Visit for the latest updates on OPENING or get exclusive contents from the artist by subscribing at DRIP.FM.

(photo by Tomo Saito)


Aug 25, 2014


A new single from Christopher Willits out last week -


WIDE (OPENING Scene 6) from Christopher Willits on Vimeo.

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Aug 22, 2014

Interview with Christopher Willist - @CoolHunting

CoolHunting interviewed Christopher Willits for his upcoming album/film piece, OPENING. The interview goes deep into the creative process of the project and how it comes about.

Read the full interview article HERE.


Aug 20, 2014

Jacob Jugashvili - Paintings

Georgian painter/artist Jacob Jugashvili creates these paintings that are recently featured in -