Jul 27, 2015

Drip Creator Sessions - Ghostly International in LA - Aug. 14th, 2015

Drip.com is hosting Drip Creator Sessions with Ghostly International on Aug. 14th, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.
Join them for a night of music at Upstairs Bar, Ace Hotel Downtown LA.

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Heathered Pearls DJ Sets + Special guests


Jul 22, 2015

Freitag + Dijital Fix - San Francisco, CA

A pop-up store for Freitag is launched last Friday at Dijital Fix in San Francisco, CA. This is the first Freitag pop-up store in the US, and over 750 bags and accessories are currently available.


Jul 17, 2015

Drip.com - A New Look

Drip.com - a platform for artists and labels to connect and create with their audience and fans with releases, artwork, and ideas. Many of Overlap's collaborators and friends have Drip memberships available for you to subscribe -

Check out the exclusive offerings each artist or label has -

Christopher Willits

Ghostly International


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Jul 15, 2015

Tycho - Canada Tour

Tycho is touring across Canada with Full Flex Express. They are heading to Saskatoon next!


Jul 13, 2015

BBC Earth - Crystals

Check out BBC Earth's recent article - "Ten Crystals with Magic Powers" -

(photo from wikimedia.org)


Jul 10, 2015

The Principals - Dynamic Sanctuary

Dynamic Sanctuary, an interactive architectural installation created by The Principals that gives people a space for an intimate self-reflective experience.

"DYNAMIC SANCTUARY - Commissioned by Ford to create an installation inspired by the technology and design of the new 2015 Ford Edge, The Principals designed a new type of architectural space that de-contextualizes users from their standard environment, using a pulse sensor to link their biorhythms to the architecture they are inhabiting."

Dynamic Sanctuary from The Principals on Vimeo.


Jul 8, 2015

CIRCA 1983 - Photography

Check out Owen Perry (or Circa 1983)'s recent posts on Instagram -